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Very well done

I’m not sure how I stumbled across this podcast but I just love it. The history combined with the mystical elements draws me into the story. The music is simple but borders on eerie which gives the podcast a chilling effect. It’s not like anything else out there and I listen to a lot of podcasts. Please do more stories and keep up the excellent work.


More episodes NEEDED!!!!

Excellent show!

More please , where did you guys go???? Love this show.

This podcast is one of my faves!!!!

The first episode I listened to was 27 Club. It was soooo interesting!

The Horoscope Podcast

I don’t know why but they started talking about the horoscopes of the episode subjects, and these seem to go on longer than the actual story itself. Like the podcast but found myself fast forwarding everytime the woman would come on and drone about how this guy killed that one because the moon over Aquarius lined up with Saturn on the 4th day yada yada yada. Please just go back to the facts of the stories :-)

Love this podcast!

Would like to see more frequent episodes, great stories told very well! More, please!

Very cool

Amazing very cool to combine so many aspects into each event . Id like to get my chart interpreted by this talented crew !

Thank you for Viola Beach!

SPOILER ALERT! Because of this podcast I have a new (although they are all dead) favourite band! Great show!

Awesome podcast!!!!

More please!!