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Great show

I like this show so much and it could be a huge podcast but they don’t put out shows very often they’ll go months without an episode

Love them all

So glad to see you guys back!

Good potential

The stories are good but they need to update more frequently.


I absolutely love this podcast but wondering where the new episodes are?

Great podcast

I’ve the narration and story subject

Dragonfly and OJ Simpson

Great show but… A comment regarding the general public not “caring” about the truth is too much of a generalization. The public, me, is limited to what is written. It’s the media that is limited to the truth. So please don’t blame the lack of a good legal system on the general public.

Lots of potential

This pod has sooo much: subjects we haven’t heard 1000 times, good research... but the podcasters sound a little robotic, the music is off...there’s just like a directing or an editing issue... listen, you’ll hear it. It’s almost really good, though.

My favorite Podcast! MORE PLEASE

I haven’t seen any new stories, are you going to continue, this is my all time favorite Podcast. ❤️❤️❤️

It’s the music for me! Great tellings of mystery!

Listened to episode “SHARON TATE: Manson Murder Mystery”. Love the energy in the suspenseful music! Kept me engaged throughout the show. High quality narration on this podcast. Really keeps the edge sharp. Found myself on the edge of my seat wanting to know more! This gruesome tale has been told many times but you manage to keep it fresh and original. The transitions between the speakers are seamless and paced wonderfully. Thank you for telling these stories and bringing these mysteries to light in a unique way. Recommend this to anyone who enjoys true crime and unsolved murders.

Interesting and Inspiring

I find this podcast really interesting and voices very relaxing. It’s going to be my favorite. I am totally inspired by the ledger story. There is so much to learn from his life. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Best pod stories ever

I really love all the stories. I like when the astrology & numerologist is added. I love to know if these experts are available for personal readings. There’s so many celebrity tragic stories to be told. Keep them coming please!!

Death by Misadventure

Has this podcast ended? I really enjoyed it, but there’s been no new stories for months. I guess it’s never coming back. Bummer.


This channel is so good! I have ADHD and I’m able to tune in, and listen to every single word. PLEASE UPLOAD MORE PODCASTS! The BEST OF THE BEST rarely upload consistently. I’m always craving more episodes. More, More, MORE PLEASEEE💖🙏🏾💖🙏🏾💖🙏🏾💖

This pod rules!

I was a big STP fan back in the day, very interesting. I love the way she tells this story.

just wish there was more content

Hey it says in the description that they talk of the mystical and supernatural, so maybe if that’s not your cup of tea, just don’t listen? It’s that easy, dummies. just because something doesn’t align with your interests, doesn’t mean it’s bad. you sound like an idiot if you leave a bad review on a podcast for being supernatural, when it *advertises Itself As Supernatural* . that being said, I find those nuggets really interesting and I find myself listening to the bios of musicians I’m not even necessarily a fan of, but finding new appreciation for them when I hear thier stories. I never knew anything about numerology and don’t think I take it too seriously but it’s still fun to learn. It’s almost like...opening your mind is better for you and the world around you 🤷🏻‍♀️

Good show

Alright good show but u cannot put out a 30 min show every 3-6 weeks n think ur gonna get a lot of new listeners . It’s gotta be at least every other week on the same day


Even if you don’t appreciate numerology and paranormal sides this ais a well researched and put together pod. W/several hosts, there’s no banter “ums” and “Uhhs” very much enjoying binging all the episodes so far. Hoping it’s not over as there are no episodes beyond Feb 2nd. 😊

Love the podcast

I love the podcast. Some of the episodes don’t have the info with the numerology info. I wish they did it was interesting.

Paramount Podcast!

Excellent in depth reports and reporting. Listened to all several times over. Can’t wait for the next. Thank you.

Love this podcast!!

I cant get enough. Keep them coming please!!!


This is my favorite pod cast. Their voices are so relaxing and the topics are so interesting

Just found it!

Wonderful subjects. I could do without the astrology and numerology. A nice touch is how the subtle background music is in the style of the subject . Tom petty , ac dc, skynryd and so on each one the music fits their style. Very clever!

Who’s next? I Need More

This is my new favorite podcast. Very professionally done and loaded with great info on all the stars that have left us too soon. Please keep the shows coming! How about some inside info on the the Abbott brothers from the band Pantera? Freddie Mercury? Chester Bennington, Lemmy, so many greats, where did you start. Great podcast! Please don’t leave us hanging. Keep um coming!

Chester Bennington

Please!!!im a fan of his!this is an awesome podcast.

Love !

Mysterious, dark, mix of good music that match the story . Love the hosts. This podcast is fabulous. This is my favorite podcast , I call it my ‘guilty pleasure’. Please don’t change a thing!


This is dope. Love hearing about the 27 club.

Love it!!

One of the greatest podcasts out there. Please keep up the good work!

5 stars are not enough

Love this podcast & cannot wait until the next one is released.

Show ideas

I would love for you all to do more of these. It would be nice if you all could touch all areas of music as well as the movie industry. keep up the great job.

I love this podcast

I love love love this podcast. I love how you really dive deep and from so many angles!